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Default Re: Pairing Different Munchkin-games

Originally Posted by Kupovski View Post
And IF it's possible to combine more then 2 base sets (and hopefully different expansions to them), wouldnt it be possible to like expand the recommended max. players to like 8 or 10? Since with more base sets you get more class/race cards. The only thing is that when you encounter a monster it would be even harder to survive since you have like 1-3 more enemies to sabotage your fight.
Blending mixed sets with their expansions is fine as there would just be some additional cards to go through, and a full blender set (with everything ever made thrown in) is a bit clumsy at first for players unfamiliar with all of the sets need to be aware of each set's additional rules, but isn't too bad (I've done this locally at Lunacon the past few years).

As for increasing the max number of players, yes you can increase the number of players, but the playing time increases a lot, and unless people are prepared to play for an extra hour or two, I'd split up the group to no more than 6 players max. On the other hand, if a 4-5 hour game is okay for your group, then go for it!
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