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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

I was wrong about there being no upper limit for those defense bonuses, turns out that's +2 normally, +4 cinematic. Maybe 4/6 if you can stack a telegraphic attack atop such a technique.

That leads me to think that +3 or +5 to dodge such a non-attacking accidental collision might be appropriate: 1 step worse than normal max, 1 step better than cinematic max.

Weirdly, the "taking more than once second to telegraph" sounds a LOT like Springing Attack in MA, yet I don't think there's a bonus to defend against that... I guess maybe crouched legs tells you an attack is coming, but not necessarily from which limb or at which target like a wound-up fist does.

I guess when thinking of that... merely stepping forward would not be that telegraphed at all... knowing someone is moving forward doesn't mean you know they just plan to barrel through you rather than attack you or try to evade you...
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