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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)

"yes, I can hear you. You're doing fine."

"If you wish to be called Olive I can do that."

"You seem to be suffering from memory loss Olive. Your comm system is how you interface with the ships electronic systems. Don't worry if you don't understand. Help is on the way. They're coming in now."

The door panel pulls into the side of the wall, and two people come into the room. Both seem to be east Asians of some sort, a man and a woman. They have a mobile bed platform they want to rush "Olive" onto, and they start scanning her and taking vital signs. The two are dressed in the same style of clothing as was sent to olivia, but the woman is wearing a sort of off-color pink and the man a near-white. They appear to be named Ozakia and Domoto.

The platform moves down the hall fairly quickly, judging from the breeze. The hall is every bit as austere and clean as the first room, and still covered in those panels. The hall feels strange, and looking down it is a bit disorienting. like its not strait, and curves upward. But Jane doesn't feel a curve. They pass other folks in the hall. All of them are adults, though their ethnicities are as cosmopolitan as any city she's ever seen. Their clothing is wildly different from what she and her first arrivals are wearing. The styles are all over the place, but most fit forms rather well, and they tend to be dark... except for the glowing lights on them. Some wear pictures, others wear videos on their clothing. mesmerizing patterns seem to be the most common design though: lines that move across the body, reverse shadows that brighten when crinkled, and lava-lamp like patterns.
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