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Default The Fantasy Trip

I'm not sure that this is the right place to ask this question, but since there are many thousands of us out here that still regret the long-ago demise of The Fantasy Trip, I thought I'd ask Steve or someone in the know to comment on a piece of information that came my way recently.

It APPEARS, from a website which provides information on Copyrights dating back to 1978, that Steve Jackson, in May of 2015 applied, under the provisions of "17 U.S. Code 203 - Termination of transfers and licenses granted by the author," to terminate his grant of Copyright for 8 titles of The Fantasy Trip (Melee, Advanced Melee, Wizard, Advanced Wizard, Death Test, Death Test 2, In the Labyrinth, and Tollenkar's Lair) to Howard Thompson and Metagaming Concepts. It also APPEARS, from the content displayed on that web site, that this termination of grant was EFFECTIVE as of 17 May 2017!

If I'm reading this right, it means that the copyrights for the entire rules corpus and three of the most important adventures from The Fantasy Trip have reverted to Steve Jackson in their entirety. Is this true? And if so, does it mean that somewhere, somehow, even if ever so faintly, there might conceivably be a slim chance that Steve will REPUBLISH them? OMG!

For whatever it's worth, Steve, if there's any truth at all to this (and assuming I'm not completely misunderstanding what I've read there), I would cheerfully incorporate my soul and give 40% of the stock for you to do this. Dare I hope for a "Designer's Edition" of the rules (like DE Ogre)?

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