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Default Re: How much damage would a bat do if you needed 20 strength to lift it?

Originally Posted by jaz0nj4ckal View Post
This is pretty cool; however, what is LTC2?
As the others have said, Low Tech Companion 2. Sorry still sorta a greenhorn on the forums and haven't memorized all the abbreviations so I use the ones that I've used in the games I've been in.

Originally Posted by simply Nathan View Post
And the thread title specifies a bat that needs ST 20 to lift. Now I want to see the ST needed to wield a monster like that and the damage it would do!

That's like 800 lbs, right?
Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
One-handed lift, 2xBL is 160 lbs. Two-handed lift, 8xBL is 640 lbs.
So, I was merely going with the original question in the opening post about stats for a bat that would take ST 20 to wield. But for something that requires at least ST 20 to budge, I'm gonna crank that monster up to SM+6 on my spreadsheet and go say holy heck in a handbasket.

Weapon	      Damage	Reach	Parry	Cost	Weight   ST
Baseball Bat   SW+10	 5	  0   $2,000	 200lbs	 80
Right, fairly certain that with this you might be bunting the quarterbacks "accidentally"(Please note, I have the quirk Incompetent (Sports)[-1]) for 3d+11 Cr damage. But considering that even at this point, you'd have a BL of 80lbs with ST20, you'll be into medium encumbrance just dragging this around like a caveman and I don't even want to start on how many levels of Huge Hands you'd need to even start hefting it, let alone the penalties for not enough ST to swing.
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