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Default Munchkin Timeline

(Editor's note: With a few exceptions, this list does NOT include accessories or W23 exclusive items. Otherwise, it would be insanely long.) Italicized sets are from non-SJ Games publishers.

The months shown are for the first printing of each set (except for May 2010, which started the Great Changeover).

July: Munchkin

March: Munchkin 2
August: Star Munchkin

July: Munchkin Fu
September: Munchkin 3

March: Star Munchkin 2
July: Munchkin Blender
October: Munchkin Bites!

January: Munchkin Fu 2
June: Munchkin Dice
July: Super Munchkin
October: Munchkin Bites! 2

February: Munchkin 4
October: Super Munchkin 2
November: Munchkin Impossible

March: Munchkin Cthulhu
April: Epic Munchkin
May: Munchkin Rigged Demo
June: Munchkin 5
August: Munchkin Cthulhu 2
October: The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin

January: Munchkin Cthulhu 3
March: Munchkin 6
April: Munchkin Cthulhu Cursed Demo
October: Munchkin Booty
October: Munchkin 7
October: Munchkin Quest

January: Munchkin Quest 2
March: Munchkin Booty 2
October: Munchkin Fairy Dust
October: Munchkin Waiting For Santa

May: Munchkin reprinted in color, with rule changes
August: Munchkin Cthulhu 4 - Crazed Caverns
September: Munchkin Marked for Death
October: Munchkin Go Up a Level
October: Munchkin Santa's Revenge
October: Munchkin Quest: Portal Kombat
November: Munchkin Booty: Fish & Ships
November: Star Munchkin: Space Ships
December: Munchkin Reloaded!

January: Munchkinomicon
February: Munchkin 7 - Cheat With Both Hands
March: Munchkin Zombies
March: Munchkin Monster Enhancers
July: Munchkin Deluxe
August: Munchkin Zombies 2 – Armed and Dangerous
August: Munchkin Conan the Barbarian
October: Munchkin Axe Cop
November: Munchkin Reindeer Games

February: Munchkin 8 – Half Horse, Will Travel
March: The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin 2 – Beating a Dead Horse
May: Munchkin The Guild
June: Munchkin Conan
August: Munchkin Skullkickers
August: Munchkin Zombies 3 - Hideous Hideouts
September: Munchkin Penny Arcade
October: Munchkin Naughty & Nice
November: Munchkin Apocalypse

February: Munchkin Easter Eggs
June: Munchkin Legends
June: Munchkin Holiday Surprise
July: Munchkin Dragons
September: Munchkin Tricky Treats
October: Munchkin Pathfinder
November: Munchkin Gets Promoted!
November: Munchkin Pathfinder: Gobsmacked!

January: Munchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks!
April: Munchkin Zombies 4 – Spare Parts
May: Munchkin Apocalypse 2 – Sheep Impact
August: Munchkin Princesses
August: Munchkin Adventure Time
August: Munchkin Legends 2 – Faun and Games
September: Munchkin Halloween Pack
September: Munchkin Treasure Hunt
September: Munchkin Panic
October: Munchkin Legends 3 – Myth Prints
November: Munchkin Holidazed
November: Munchkin Loot Letter
November: Munchkin Game Changers

January: Munchkin Love Shark Baby
February: Munchkin Kobolds Ate My Baby
March: Star Munchkin Deluxe
April: Munchkin Zombies Deluxe
May: Munchkin Adventure Time 2
July: Munchkin Oz
July: Munchkin Hipsters
July: Star Munchkin 3
August: Munchkin Gloom
August: Munchkin Zombies: The Walking Dead
September: Munchkin Dragon's Trike
September: Smash Up Munchkin
September: Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas
October: Munchkin Undead
October: Star Munchkin Cosmic Demo
October: Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe
November: Munchkin Christmas Lite
November: Munchkin Kittens

January: Munchkin Guest Artist Edition (Ian McGinty)
January: Munchkin Hipsters
February: Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition (Len Peralta)
February: Munchkin Steampunk
March: Munchkin Puppies
March: Munchkin: Marvel Edition
May: Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition (John Kovalic)
May: Munchkin 6.5 - Terrible Tombs
May: Munchkin Knights
June: Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition (Mike Luckas)
June: Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition (Katie Cook)
June: Munchkin Apocalypse Guest Artist Edition (Len Peralta)
June: Munchkin Apocalypse 2 Guest Artist Edition (Len Peralta)
July: Moop's Monster Mashup
August: Munchkin Marvel 2: Mystic Mayhem
September: Munchkin Grimm Tidings
October: Munchkin Zombies Guest Artist Edition (Greg Hyland)
October: Munchkin Marvel 3: Cosmic Chaos
November: Munchkin Pathfinder: Truly Gobnoxious
November: Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition (Shane White)
December: Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition (Art Baltazar)

January: Munchkin Hidden Treasures
February: Munchkin Oz
February: Munchkin Oz 2
February: Munchkin Apocalypse: Judge Dredd
March: Munchkin Guest Artist Edition (Edwin Huang)
March: Munchkin: X-Men Edition
April: Munchkin Curses
May: Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition (Lar deSouza)
June: Munchkin Spell Skool
June: Munchkin Pathfinder 2
July: Munchkin Gets Promoted 2
July: Munchkin Deadpool - Just Deadpool
August: Munchkin Booty Guest Artist Edition (Tom Siddell)
August: Munchkin Oz Guest Artist Edition (Katie Cook)
August: Munchkin Rick and Morty
September: Munchkin Lite
October: Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe
October: Munchkin Shakespeare Limited Engagement
October: Munchkin Shakespeare Staged Demo
October: Munchkin Wonderland

January: Munchkin Magical Mess
January: Munchkin Clowns
February: Munchkin Collectible Card Game
May: Munchkin Cheats
May: Munchkin CCG The Desolation of Blarg
June: Munchkin Spell Skool
June: Munchkin CCG Introductory Set
July: Munchkin Fowl Play
August: Munchkin CCG Fashion Furious
August: Munchkin Side Quests
September: Munchkin Starfinder
September: Munchkin Starfinder 2 - Far Out
September: Munchkin The Red Dragon Inn
September: Munchkin CCG Phat Pack
October: Munchkin 9 - Jurassic Snark
November: Munchkin Party Pack
November: Munchkin CCG Grave Danger
November: Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
November: Munchkin Harry Potter Deluxe

January: Munchkin Unicorns and Friends
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