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Default Re: Four Perilous Journeys: Four new adventures for The Fantasy Trip

The Kickstarter campaign for Four Perilous Journeys: New Adventures for The Fantasy Trip is LIVE on Kickstarter, and going strong.

In the first week, we've surpassed 77% of the funding goal, which bodes well. In the coming weeks, look for cross-promotional opportunities with the ongoing Decks of Destiny campaign from SJG. Printed tokens, NPC and monster cards, and other goodies are all in discussion.

No matter what, though, these will be add-ons and stretch goals - if the project funds, we have a shot. If it doesn't, none of it happens.

I've got a great slate of adventures being worked by folks who know what they're doing. They've written for The Fantasy Trip before, and I think you'll enjoy what they have written.

Check out Four Perilous Journeys on Kickstarter!
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