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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

There are also PDFs for everything already floating around out there... I don't know, if Kickstarter was the way they would want to go, they'd probably need some way to gauge interest before really committing themselves to the time and effort needed for even that.

Still, if the on-line community for TFT is any indicator, I would think they'd gather quite a few potential "buyer-investors" for something like this. I remember that they frankly didn't think that Ogre would have that much interest in it either and then they pulled one of the biggest Kickstarters ever up until that time...

But, we have no confirmation from Steve (or anyone authorized to speak for Steve) so it's possible that I'm just not reading the website right. Here's the link to the website that states the basic facts (do a keyword search on "Metagaming"), and here's the link to the website about the law itself -- what do you think?
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