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Default Re: Detailed list of Munchkin Quest components?

Treasure Cards (83 total)

Emerald bane ring
Sapphire bane Ring
Topaz Bane Ring
Ruby Bane Ring
Potion of Swiftness
Lesser Potion of Insubstantiality
Flaming Poison Potion
Potion of Monster Control
Potion of Strength
Potion of Flight
Blink Potion
Teleportation Potion
Monster Repellant
Greater potion of Inbudstantiality
Freezing Explosive Potion
Electric Radioactive Acid Potion
2 Healing Potions (both have different art)
Super Healing Potion
Summon Wall Scroll
Scroll of Redecoration
Scroll of Opening the Way
Scroll of Transloaction
Hall Pass
The GM's Notes
Door Diddling Scroll
Scroll of Evil Energy
Scroll of Luck
Scroll of Monster Attraction
2 Wishing Rings (both have different art)
Monster Call
Arm-y Helmet
Rod of Lardly Meat
Gentleman's Club
Unreasonable Large Sword
Flaming Armor
Swiss Army Polearm
Spiked Codpiece
Adamantium Armor
Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment
Singing and Dancing Sword
Elven Flip-Flops
Monster Pill
Big Lock
Geeky Glasses
Wand of Dowsing
Cross Bow
Bug Helmet
Stabbity Spear
Hot Rod
Dirk of Dauntlessness
Amulet of Fire-Breathing
Cloak of Obscurity
Spiky Thing on a Chain
Cute Winged Sandals
Amulet of Dexterity
The Eye or Argon
The Mater Key
Mighty Pen
Sword of Slaying Everything Except Squid
Bow with Ribbons
Ugly Stick
Slippery Slippers of Sliding
Boots of Butt-Kicking
Mithril Armor
Spiked Top
Boots of Running Really Fast
Pointy Hat of Power
Magic Item That Dwarves Arbitrarily Dislike
Health Club
Broad Sword
Horny Helmet
Sneaky Bastard Sword
Naughty Armor
Fireman's Helmet
Cheese Grater of Peace
Unnatural Axe
Short Wide Armor

Dxm Cards (76 Total)

3 Dwarfs (each have different art)
3 Clerics (each have different art)
3 Thiefs (each have different art)
3 Warriors (each have different art)
3 Halflings (each have different art)
3 Wizards (each have different art)
3 Elfs (each have different art)
2 Super Munchkins (each have different art)
2 Half-Breeds (each have different art)
3 Cheats (each have different art)
4 Loaded Die
2 Reloaded Die
3 Wandering Monsters (each have different art)
These Aren't the Munchkins You Are Looking For
Monstrous Wealth
Hidden Goodies
Convenient Addition Error
Monster Morph
2 Sudden Character Development (each have different art)
Do Over
Mutilate the Bodies
Curse Warranty Expires
Curse Item Catches Fire
Curse Monster Magnetism
Curse Winds of Fate
Curse Armor Turns to Pudding
Curse Sex Appeal
Curse Ripped Pack
Curse One Hand Tied Behind Your Back
With Eyes in the Back of its Head
Curse Rules Change
Coldly Rational
Sacrifice to the God Of Greed
Curse Smells Like Dinner
Lightening Fast
Bermuda Triangle
Curse Hole in Pocket
Unnecessary Roughness
Curse Change Sex
Curse Shoelaces Tied Together
Dispel Monster
Whine at the GM
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