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Default Re: [vessels] how to manage role

Originally Posted by alexondria
a role is a measure of how real your persona is. It is how thorough the paperwork is. It is whether or not there will be people that remember you from before. How far back there memories will go. How good of a background check it will stand up to. It is also how much the symphony accepts you. With out a role anytime you damage anything in the symphony you create a disturbance. Taken to it's extreme this could be interpreted as a small disturbance from the wear and tear on a car and the consumption of the gas as you drive down the street. Or an antique dealer that strips the varnish off a piece of furniture to repaint it could case a disturbance as he destroyed the top layer of the item.
Let me ask you this. If a Belseraph of Valpua were able to create an in depth background, with all related documents, computer records etc but without any human interaction, would there be a role? Let us be a bit more specific. Gnash the Djinn, has to come from someplace. He wants to be from a little town in Kosovo which isn't anymore. So, he has a fist full of documents, a passport etc. Everyone else from that town is dead or dispersed. All he has is paper, not relationships.

Role? No Role?
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