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Default Re: [vessels] how to manage role

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen
I wouldn't give someone who won the lottery a Status boost at all. Simply having a few millions of dollars isn't enough to make people react to you better, or make them more likely to listen to you. A millionaire tycoon doesn't have Status 6 because they have millions of dollars, they have Status 6 because they own a business empire that happens to pay them a very large salary.

Actually, I wouldn't bump a Role for winning the lottery, at least as a matter of course. Maybe if it was part of a plan, perhaps. But if the celestial just happened to buy a ticket and get lucky? Nuh-uh. A Role is about connections to people, but it's also about the paperwork. And winning the lottery will probably prompt some paperwork checks. The tax agencies will do some investigation, to make sure they get their cut. Journalists will do background research for stories on the winner. Neighbors will try to find details to better support requests for cash. :-) And so forth. If the celestial's Role isn't prepared for any of that, it could very well lead to the Role degenerating. In fact, I could see that as a cunning tactic for an opponent to use to degrade a Role.

To the first point, people disappoint.

To the second. You raise a fair point. By garnering all the attention from varoius people, he probably WOULD increase his role. After all, that is the position I am arguing. Suddenly having a bunch of tax officals, hangers on, lawyers, and lottery officials noticing you are alive would increase "belief" in people (albeit with some pointed questions regarding social security numbers).

In a purely computerized world, such would not be the case. Paperwork isn't the Symphony except for a bunch of flat notes which no one particularly likes except Azzy and Kronos.
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