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Default Re: Car Wars Setting

I found my GURPS Autoduel (1986) and p. 3 starts out “American History Since 1990”. No [redacted] given that it would be obsolete in just four years!

The chronology is much more detailed (four full pages) than I remembered. Still harmonized with CWC events, but three timelines for International, North America, and Science.

The Science Timeline is a hoot. 3D interactive environments via brain implants in 1994. Brain taping perfected 2003-2005. Human cloning in 2008. Quick-growth (full adults in 16 months) in 2015. Full brain memory transfer to clone body in 2018. Science Timeline ends and Autodeulling Timeline starts in 2022.

Also, 100 mph EV in 1998 (was 1993), so not so bad!

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