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Default Re: Compendium of NPCs

Originally Posted by Dalin View Post
Hand of Asgard is a fantastic book; I think I've consulted it nearly every day for the past week. (Got some clerical action coming up.) I'm glad that Kevin will be writing more for Gaming Ballistic.
I think a lot of people on the kick starter missed it because it was added late. Orders were something like a third lower than Nordlondr Folk.

Honestly it is one of my favorites of the short supplements that Iíve made and I think it is an underappreciated work. I know itís me saying that but he really did a nice job at differentiating the spell list, advantages, disadvantages, and skills that make one have an affinity for a particular divine domain. And make no mistake, the domains are obviously flavored after the Norse pantheon, but the domains themselves are agnostic to particular flavors of Gods.
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