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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

(GM) "As you approach the castle you see a large and rusty portcullis."

"In previous edition Krak would know exactly what to roll against."

(GM)"As you enter the dining room you see an elegantly laid out table with all sorts of delicious looking food on it and sparkling golden wine in goblets."

"Krak grab leg of roasted animal and start eating."

(Ipaxif) "Ah! the good stuff! I wonder if it's the new bottling with my picture on the label?"

"No, Krak sure this vintage. What! Krak drink every bottle of good wine he ever find!"

"Oooh! That look important. Krak think we should break it."

"Oh yeah!"

"What do you think it does?"

"It give Strahd magic powers."

"How do _You_ know that!"

"This Strahd's castle. Strahd got magic powers. That _thing_ not possibly useful for anything else."

(GM) "As you strike the giant crystal with your magic the entire tower shakes like it's going to fall down. What do you do?"

(Ipaxif) "I stick myself to the wall with Spider Climb!"

(Rarngrim)"I retreat to the outer wall and brace myself against it!"

(Iona) "I go the entrance and stick only my head and arm inside so I can just barely see to cast spells on the crystal!"

"Krak get out of tower. Get out of way of spellcasters' fun. This why Krak not only got most hit pts, Krak keep them too!"
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