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Default Re: [High-Tech][Ultra-Tech] Ultra-Tech style write-ups of TL5-8 ammo

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
Extra-Powerful (+P) Ammunition

Divide dice of damage by 3, round to the nearest whole number, and apply the result as a damage bonus. Effects on things other than damage are unchanged.
For those who don't want to do math, you can do it as 2d-4d is +1, 5d-7d is +2, 8d-10d is +3, etc. That is, drop adds, every 3d is +1 with an error of +1d.

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
Depleted Uranium

APEP is supposed to be Ultra-Tech's equivalent of depleted uranium rounds but High-Tech gives a more more finely differentiated set of options. I need to think about how to handle this, and would appreciate thoughts in comments.
UT's APEP is the equivalent of APDSDU. I'd suggest maintaining the HT options (and indeed allowing the enhanced penetrator option from UT to be split into the equivalents of APDU, APDSDU, and APDSFSDU would be appropriate). Personally, I favor the HT treatment (enhanced damage and lesser armor divisor, which works out to the same armor penetration).

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Certainly subsonic ammo should not be available for electrothermal-chemical weapons or liquid propellant slugthrowers.
ETC should be able to make use of subsonic (the bullets would just have less propellant), although the damage would be reduced based on the pre-ETC damage. LP already has subsonic built in as an option (it's the Low Velocity option). What shouldn't be available for either, or indeed for any caseless weapon, is Silent, as this makes use of a specially-designed case.

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
You do have somewhat of a point about realismóHigh-Tech says the subsonic option should multiply damage by 0.8 for pistol rounds and 0.6 for rifle rounds, a flat -1 per die for all weapon types would be a decision to sacrifice realism for simplicity.
-1/die is right around a 0.7 multiplier (it's actually something like 0.715), and is indeed an acceptable simplification if you're willing to sacrifice some resolution. Personally, I like that pistols are less affected than rifles.

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post

TL6-8 high explosive rounds use the stats of the TL9 version but use the following table for damage:

10mm: 1d-1 cr ex [1d-2]
15mm: 1d+2 cr ex [1d-1]
18.5mm: 2d cr ex [1d]
25mm: 3d+1 cr ex [1d+1]
40mm: 6d+2 cr ex [2d]
64mm: 6dx2 cr ex [3d]
100mm: 6dx4 cr ex [5d]

These numbers were derived by using a 40mm grenade as a baseline. They're a little over 80% of the numbers at TL9.
For explosives, they should really improve at every TL, as REF of contemporary explosives go up. Roughly speaking, and assuming REF is 2 at TL8, 1.5 at TL7, and 1 at TL6, you're looking at x0.85 to damage at TL 7, x0.7 damage at TL 6. Call the former -1 per 2d, the latter -1 per 1d. If you want to go lower, TL 5 is probably REF 0.5 (x0.5), TL 4 is REF 0.4 (x0.45), and TL 3 is REF 0.3 (x0.4), all of which would count as -2 per 1d.

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
High-Explosive Concussion

As high-explosive but without fragmentation damage.
Fragmenting explosives "use up" some of their power producing and propelling fragments, so those designed to not produce fragmentation (like thin-shelled HEC rounds) should do more damage. Roughly speaking, fragmentation tends to be around 1d per 20mm (which matches up well with your values), and every 2d of fragmentation generated "costs" 1d of explosive damage. So, using your numbers, HEC would be:

10mm: 1d cr ex
15mm: 2d-1 cr ex
18.5mm: 2d+2 cr ex
25mm: 4d-1 cr ex
40mm: 7d+2 cr ex
64mm: 13d+2 cr ex
100mm: 22d+2 cr ex

Leaving the last two as 6dx2 and 6dx4, respectively, probably wouldn't break anything too badly (you're at roughly 90% of what the damage "should" be). The above is for TL 8; trend I suggested earlier for lower TL's.
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