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Default Re: [High-Tech][Ultra-Tech] Ultra-Tech style write-ups of TL5-8 ammo

Now for rounds typically fired as grenades, etc. Generally, explosive damage scales with cube root of weight which holding shape constant is equivalent to (linear dimension)^(1.5). Shaped charges, however, don't seem to follow the usual rules for explosions—instead they just scale with linear dimension. Smoke grenades should have radius of effect scale with linear dimension.


TL6-8 high explosive rounds use the stats of the TL9 version but use the following table for damage:

10mm: 1d-1 cr ex [1d-2]
15mm: 1d+2 cr ex [1d-1]
18.5mm: 2d cr ex [1d]
25mm: 3d+1 cr ex [1d+1]
40mm: 6d+2 cr ex [2d]
64mm: 6dx2 cr ex [3d]
100mm: 6dx4 cr ex [5d]

These numbers were derived by using a 40mm grenade as a baseline. They're a little over 80% of the numbers at TL9.

High-Explosive Concussion

As high-explosive but without fragmentation damage.

Shaped Charge

Shaped charge warheads become available at TL7. For 18.5mm shaped charge, use the HEAT shotgun round on High-Tech p. 103 (unavailable before TL8). For 25mm shaped charge, see the GD M307 (High-Tech pp. 144-145, I'm guessing also unavailable before TL8). For 40mm shaped charge, see HEDP on High-Tech p. 143. Larger calibers do the following damage from mid-TL7ish through TL8:

64mm: 6dx3(10) cr ex + linked 8dx2 cr ex [3d]
100mm: 6dx5(10) cr ex + linked 8dx4 cr ex [5d]
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