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Default Re: [High-Tech][Ultra-Tech] Ultra-Tech style write-ups of TL5-8 ammo

Originally Posted by Rupert View Post
As almost none of the ammo in UT will be subsonic, and the rifle calibre rounds will (aside from the payload rifle) be very supersonic, all reducing the damage of the rifle rounds by -1/die would do is give them less damage and range. It wouldn't reduce their report usefully.
As discussed in my previous thread, the the default TL9 UT firearms do not appear to be any more powerful than their TL7-8 equivalents. Certainly subsonic ammo should not be available for electrothermal-chemical weapons or liquid propellant slugthrowers. You do have somewhat of a point about realismóHigh-Tech says the subsonic option should multiply damage by 0.8 for pistol rounds and 0.6 for rifle rounds, a flat -1 per die for all weapon types would be a decision to sacrifice realism for simplicity.

Or you could stick with the RAW - when you look up an armour penetration modifier of (0.5), you end up at B110, and it explains how it works. Why would UT's hollow points, etc., work differently?
Oh shoot, I was wondering if there was a rule like that, but I somehow failed to find it.
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