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Default Re: [HT][TS]Tactics for realistic suppressors

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post

And there won't be such thing as a one-sided grapple anymore, much like Ken Clary's old article, all grapples are mutual (though the penalties inflicted are not).
Slight tangent, how will surprise be effected, i assume 'do nothing' will mean you're not grappling back?

I currently I do it like this, PC sneaks up on sentry preferable after a couple of secs evaluate all out attacks determined & telegraphed with a one handed face grapple (which I rule stops a reflexive shout if surprise is in effect), follows with a AoA determined & telegraphed base of the skull* knife thrust while grappling the face.

Continue to wiggle the blade for a bit, but at the point any noises the sentry makes will be strictly involuntary as voluntary will no longer be an applicable term for him.

*Which I just treat as a skull hit, but I quite like the -9 no DR suggested earlier for a true pithing!

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
As far as I know, it's not taught as part of standard doctrine in any Western military. Of course, the individual gung-ho instructor might differ, but in general, the precision and strength required is just not practical for normal people.
I'd have thought that was more to do with the fact that its probably not going to come up very often in normal combat operations, rather than its difficulty. Not that I'm saying sentry removal is easy though. Far from it, it seems to be based on several things going right, and any one of them going wrong will screw it all up. A scenario most combat training trys to avoid, preferring redundancy in tactics.
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