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Default Re: [HT][TS]Tactics for realistic suppressors

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
I'm not actually clear on whether this means that someone being grapped can choose to drop prone and, in the process, break free, or that they cannot choose to drop prone at all without taking down the other party.

(Which, in the situation being discussed, would probably require grappling them first! The grapple here is one-sided.)
He may not choose to drop prone and break the grapple for free. He may try and drop prone, which involves a contest similar to that of a takedown. If he does succeed in dropping prone and his foe does not drop with him, the grapple will break unless his foe has unusual anatomy.

And there won't be such thing as a one-sided grapple anymore, much like Ken Clary's old article, all grapples are mutual (though the penalties inflicted are not).
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