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Originally Posted by BurnongWinter View Post
A player as a level and a combat strengh as I understand it but for a monster, his level and combat strengh are de same. Read every card and you will see on every monster enhancer: + or - to the monster level. The word monster's combat strengh is never used anywhere. So I think that everytime there is a +6 against dwarf for exemple, it is to the monster's level since the term monster's combat strengh doesn't exist.

Feel free to correct me if you think I'm wrong :)
You have an old printing of Munchkin. The new printings of those cards no longer include the "to Level" part. You and monsters now have a Level and a Combat Strength, and while Level cannot go below 1, Combat Strength can.

They changed the rules in 2010 so that virtually nothing changes the level of the munchkin or monsters (except a few cards like Typographical Error and Two-Headed). You have the choice of using the old rules or the new rules when using your old set, but to see that and the other changes made in 2010, take a look here.

Originally Posted by BurnongWinter View Post
What if I used my friend way of thinking but with monsters now? Example taken out from my head:

I'm fighting against a level 4 monster and I'm a level 3 munchkin. I play the card baby (direct translation from french, hope it's the good name) which states: -5 to the monster level, minimum 1. My friend then plays a card, +3 to the monster's side and says the monster's now level 4 you lose.

Would he be right? Or the monster's level would still be loser than mine since 4 - 5 + 3 = 2( remember the lvl 1 minimum) and then beat it since I'm level 3.
Seeing as you completely edited the post, I'll answer this one too. I can't say for the old rules, but with the new rules, it is a Level 4 monster with a combat strength of 2.
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