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Default Re: Partial Fix of Magic: Fire College

OK, kicking around some ideas for a DF game where I wanted Wizard spells to be organized into 6 Magery tiers like Clerics and Druids prompted me to return to this work. So I decided to start at the start this time, with the Air College, of course once I was about half way through I realized that the next two colleges I'd want to do are Water and Weather, because so many Air spells are also part of those two colleges and given how aggressively I cut the list down (5 spells!) I'd merge those three together to get a single college. Of course this is for DF, so core Weather spells may not end up added.

The following lists the fate of every spell in the Air Spells chapter that isn't a pointer to somewhere else in the book.

Clear the Air replaces: Purify Air, Create Air, No-Smell, Odor, Devitalize Air, Destroy Air
Winds of Change replaces Shape Air
Storm Front replaces Windstorm and Sandstorm
A Breathe of Fresh Air replaces Breathe Air and Breathe Water
Tornado Transport replaces Air Vortex

Seek Air is part of Finder, a Knowledge that replaces all 'Seek' spells
Air Vision folded into Knowledge spell protecting/providing vision

Air Jet, Body of Air, Walk on Air, Wall of Wind, Earth to Air, Concussion, Essential Air, Body of Wind, Summon (Air) Elemental, Control (Air) Elemental and Create (Air) Elemental are all folded into generic spells in a new trans-elemental college, along with similar spells from other colleges.

The trans-elemental college isn't a proper college, rather it's a container for spells that have almost incidental effects, only varying in which element is used, such as the Jet and Wall of spells.

One other thing I'm planning on doing is creating more types of elemental, one for each Body meta-trait, how do people feel about sicking an Aid Elemental on their players for the next session.

Finally instead of posting things to the forums directly as I've been preparing this for a possible submission to SJ Games I've uploaded a copy of my working document to Google Docs, and have given people the ability to comment, it SHOULD appear in proper SJ Games manicurist format: GURPS Air Spells Redone
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