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Default Re: Post on Ten Reasons I might skip product

I just read it.

The author is a bit too acerbic for my taste.

Enlightening claim:
There are 10 new board games released a DAY.
I've long since stopped trying to keep up. For better or worse, there are many games I'm interested in that I just don't buy, because I realize they will just sit on my shelf.

I love investing in just a few games with "line extension." Once I find a system I like, I like to immerse myself in it at the neglect of new games. That seems to be contrary to what "they" keep telling me the market is doing.

In fact, I haven't purchased anything else for The Fantasy Trip. I decided that I'm going to wait for the core physical game to arrive next month (before peeking at the PDFs). I'll slowly get into it. Then at that point, I'll consider additional support even though I've missed several releases taking place even before the main delivery. (I was one of those who never played The Fantasy Trip in the past, so I don't yet have preexisting loyalty.)
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