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Originally Posted by TheAmishStig View Post
Caveat: given my experience with ClickyTech, I'd be furious if CW6 hits stores and CWC was pulled from distribution the next day, doubly so if it comes with an attitude of "What CWC? CW6 is, has always been, and will always be Car Wars"...but I'd like to believe Phil is smart enough to know how bad of an idea that is. :)
That was never the attitude of the companies behind BattleTech and MWDA. I know it's the common perception, but classic BattleTech only had about six months between the last FASA book and the first FanPro products. (FanPro actually had books in stores before MWDA hit shelves!) Indeed, MechWarrior: Dark Age served as the gateway to the older system for a great number of people, bringing new blood to the classic game.

For SJ Games, the matter is perhaps simpler. Unlike the dog's breakfast that is BattleTech's IP rights, all things Car Wars reside with one company. If a game sells well, it will continue to be supported. If it fails to garner attention and market share, it will - regretfully - be discontinued. It would be awesome if people so love CW6 that they buy up copies of the classic version; as we see with GURPS, Dungeon Fantasy, and The Fantasy Trip, SJ Games is not afraid to support multiple games in the same genre (or even system) at once.

Edit: It took me a while to formulate this post. I see Phil beat me to it.
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