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Default Re: A wine-dark void (campaign idea)

So many excellent ideas!

Magical floating seeds sound delightful! We can't really use hydrogen, because of the solar-powered heat rays. It would make battles more of a long-range affair of setting the other guy's ship alight rather than heroic clashes of bronze armed and armored warriors. But harvesting lift-seeds for the air galleys fits right in.

And of course we need Daedalus-style wings, so elite troops can swoop around and try to spear each other, or launch daring raids against other airships. Naturally, these wings would be vulnerable to the heat rays, because Icarus.

Heat rays probably won't do a lot of damage. Treat it like projecting a 1-hex area of fire: 1d-2 large area burn damage. Good for igniting houses and crops and low-quality troops. But shiny bronze armor can get a +1 to DR against heat rays, because shiny! And I like the idea of protecting your ship with a polished shield. Maybe a shieldeer can make an attack roll to reflect the heat ray at another target! And of course they only work when the sun is shining. Attacks on cities might occur during cloudy weather, just after dusk, or just before dawn, in order to avoid the larger heat rays a fixed fortification can mount.

Muscle-cranked propellers - perfect! Fits the air-trireme to a "T".

Other thoughts - brass steam-powered colossi (I know that's a Latin plural rather than a Greek one, but my Greek isn't good enough to get the right term. I guess I'm a barbarian.) Take the Colossus of Rhodes, give it a couple of pilots, light a fire in it to give it life, and have it stomp off to defeat your enemies.

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