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Default Re: [LT] Padded/Layered Cloth weight

Originally Posted by CarrionPeacock View Post
So those gambesons being sold as "padded jacket class" are all just the inner padding gurps includes in the armor weights or at best padded cloth (dr 1*)? That's a bummer...
Thanks for dispeling my misunderstanding.
The very best might count as DR 0 or 1 (cut)/0 Ordinary Clothing or DR 1* Padded Cloth. Most would count as Cheap and have several quirks and flaws which historical clothing did not: the ones for combat sports tend to be too bulky for plate armour to fit properly above them, its common for them to have a gap at the armpit or be too tight about the hips and thighs so they gap between the legs when the wearer walks ...
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