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Here's an excerpt from my book that I promised to share. It's the process for creating a Homunculus. It's very detailed, but that's because I adapted the actual alchemical working known as the Donum Dei into the process. Not every ritual needs to be this detailed, but it can add to the verisimilitude of the game world to have such things.

Creating a Homunculus
Creating a Homunculus is a process that combines alchemy with magic to create a familiar magically imbued with life. The prerequisites for this are the Alchemy talent and knowledge of the Inspirate Homunculus spell. One must have an alchemical workshop and secure all the ingredients needed. When all is obtained, one is ready to begin the Donum Dei, the sacred procedure for incubating a Homunculus. Homunculi produced this way are the same as those listed in the guidebook section of this book. A winged Homunculus can optionally be produced, though this one will be lighter and physically weaker than the grounded form.

Homunculus Abilities
• Cast Aid on creator (see Aid spell)
• Act as Proxy for creator (see magical item Proxy)
• Act as Scout for creator (see Summon Scout spell)
• Act as a Strength Battery (see Mana Staff rules)
• Act as an assistant mage in item enchantment (see Item Creation rules)

Inspirate Homunculus
IQ 20 (S), 5 ST
This spell is required in order to inspirate, or breath life into, a Homunculus. It is a spell on par with Greater Magic Item Creation, though with even more esoteric knowledge required. So it is that one only finds the most accomplished wizards to have a Homunculus as a familiar.

The Donum Dei
The following stages are what must be done to successfully create a Homunculus. Each stage takes a day, that time a combination of the alchemical work performed and the period needed for the chemicals to interact into their mature form at that stage. The purity of the ingredients makes them costly.
Day 1 - Coitus
Mix powdered iron ($100) and powdered yellow sulphur ($200) in pure water to produce green vitriol.
Day 2 - Conception
Add a quantity of mercury ($350), being careful to vent away the gasses that will form.
Day 3 - Impregnation
Fix the solution with powdered calcium carbonate ($200) until it resembles milk.
Day 4 - Putrefaction
Add powdered black sulphur ($600) and heat just below boiling throughout the day.
Day 5 - Fermentation
Decoct the red tincture that is produced as fermentation occurs until none remains.
Day 6 - Sanguination
The creator adds their own blood to the mixture, then evaporates until a black tar remains.
Day 7 - Dissolution
Add philosopher’s oil ($1200) until the compound dilutes evenly, forming elixir.
Day 8 - Separation
Add powdered white sulphur ($450) and gently agitate the solution until the layers separate.
Day 9 - Precipitation
Add essential salte ($4000), causing the upper layer to precipitate through the lower and accumulate.
Day 10 - Coagulation
Add potassium ash ($100), or sodium ash ($200) for a winged Homunculus, to start crystallisation.
Day 11 - Calcination
Add powdered silver ($3000) and bring the solution to high heat until is shows golden.
Day 12 - Inspiration
Perform the Inspirate Homunculus spell into the mixture. Decant the liquid carefully until you reveal the alchemical egg known as The Red Rose. It is from this marvelous stone that, if all has been performed properly, your Homunculus will now hatch forth. Let yourself be the first soul it looks upon, and if the bond be true, your own visage shall you see in kind through its eyes.

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