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Default Re: High Magic Spells

Originally Posted by TimTimmy View Post
I'm afraid I think their math is off. Even with Recover Energy 20, you're still only regenerating 1 FP/ER every 2 minutes. If you had a total energy pool, between FP and ER, of 50, you could do one quick and dirty enchantment of 50 points in an hour, then take between 50 and 100 minutes to recover it all (the exact time depends on the balance of FP and ER, since they recover at the same time - the most efficient setup is 25 FP and 25 ER, which takes 50 minutes to recover). So, each "cycle" of enchanting would be between 110 minutes and 160, and then you could do it again. You generally can't work more than 8 hours a day, so that's between 3 and 4 cycles, each one enchanting a 50-point object.

Originally Posted by TimTimmy
Details as to how to do this would be great. If the answer is Energy Reserves at 1.5 CP each, it would be tough, since they come from a book we don't use (Powers).
Energy Reserve, by default, actually costs 3 points per level. The "1.5 per level" cost in that blog assumes, I suspect, limitations on it, something like "Enchantment only", which is probably a reasonable -50% limitation. You could get it down as cheap as 0.6/level, if you can come up with reasonable -80% limitation. Powers suggests that putting "Special Recharge", where the energy reserve doesn't recharge naturally, but requires you to have a special advantage or skill to get energy from elsewhere, is -70%. The Steal Energy spell is listed as one of the options for that. So you could take Energy Reserve 400 (Enchanting Only, -50%; Special Recharge, Only Steal Energy, -70%) [280]. Expensive, but then you could use Quick and Dirty enchanting to create 400-energy enchantments. You'd have to have a lot of people to get the energy from, but hiring 80 people off the street who were willing to have 5 of their FP drained is probably easier than hiring a bunch of competent enchanting assistants.

As for Energy Reserve's source, it also appears in Thaumatology, under "'Magic Only' Fatigue", p. 50. So if your GM is using that, they might allow it. Energy Reserve actually turns up in a number of books, because it's such a useful advantage, especially for flavour. Personally, I think it's almost essential.
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