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Default Far Reaches ideas.

If you have a reason to take a party to the far reaches of the Ethereal Plane, an idea that might freak them out is to find powerful ethereals that never were in OTL. For example, a superman like ethereal with a 'U' on his chest who is Ultraman, a powerful Mortimer Mouse or ethereal gods at the same level as Olympians or Hindu Dieties who are from Madagascar, Kamchatka or Patagonia.

Whether the GM chooses to have further travel take them into the "vale" for an alternate TL (Dark Victory, INverse, etc.) or simply wants the party to think it is possible, is up to the GM.

For even more mind games, (especially if you are taking them to the INverse universe or making them *think* you are), have the roll that gives them an intervention start shifting. For angels have the positive drift from 11-1, to 11-2 to 12/21-2 to 22-2 etc and the negative drift equivalently.

And if you are having them travel to tattered, have interventions shift *only* if their superior is on the other side in tattered (so servitors of Lawrence and Nybbas don't shift, and servitors of Eli and Andrealphus do)
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