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Default Re: [Low-Tech] Hobnails and footing

Yrth has enough cultural cross-contamination with Earth that I expect them to include innovations in shoe design - never mind that they've had 500 years since the medieval period so they should have 500 years more tinkering even without cross-contamination.

I have a pair of rubber strap-on ice-cleats for my boots for foul weather - they allow me to convert my big stompy mukluks into hobnailed boots (they use screw heads instead of nail heads, but the same effect). They give absolutely amazing traction in treacherous conditions.

They are also a death sentence on tile floors; that was the first place my mind went when I read the hobnails entry. They're a little alarming on even well-maintained concrete (worn tarmac roads and crappy shattered crumbling sidewalks are fine).

They're incredibly loud on tiles too. They make the sharp, high-frequency sounds that make it easy to pinpoint your location.
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