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Originally Posted by The Wyzard View Post
Man, if somebody wanted to take Expert in clubs, my instinct is to go ahead and let them. Would it break the game in any way?
Not really... it's mainly just semantics and what we imagine makes sense as far as what Expert and Master talents represent. Is it Club Expert or Ax/Mace/Club Expert, and do we care that Expert lists a weapon talent as a requirement, and if we think it's Ax/Mace/Club Expert, can Bubu learn that without learning Ax/Mace, and then if they later learn Ax/Mace, they go from no ax skill to being an expert in one step?

It just reads to me as-written as no one can learn Expert or Master without learning the corresponding weapon talent first. Just because clubs need to talent to use and are listed on the weapon table along with axes and maces, does not say to me that you can therefore learn Ax/Mace Expert without learning Ax/Mace first.

It seems to me more like a consistency problem with clubs than a reason why you should be able to ignore the prereq. I'd be more inclined to say you could in theory learn Club Expert without a prereq, but that it's a separate talent from Ax/Mace Expert.

(Also I'd apply my usual thinking to learning talents - that it takes time and circumstances and is much easier with a trainer. If you don't have access to any Club Expert teacher, it means you're inventing your own expert ability to learn it, which is harder than being trained - whatever that means to the GM, now that the rules say you should just let people "have been studying it all along" when they choose to spend XP to learn something.)
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