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Default Re: House Rule

Originally Posted by Rev. Pee Kitty
The Kneepads of Allure is not a Munchkin card. It is a bookmark included when you purchase Munchkin, and should be used as such.
Then you'll be glad to know that it's in neither of the tuned decks. :)

If it counts as a house rule, I suppose I can mention those. What I've done in the last couple of days is take Classic Munchkin 1-5 and divide it down the middle, making the two decks as equal as I can. With some cards this is easy; Wandering Monster, Wishing Ring, Races, Classes, GUALs, and so forth have multiples and you can just put half in one stack and half in the other. Curses and Monsters are a little more challenging, especially if you try to keep the same flavors available. The division does give one the opportunity to remove some of the more FAQ-intensive cards, too. For instance, I've taken Annihilation, the Kneepads, King Tut, the Wight Brothers, and the Jabberwock out. (I wanted to keep the Jabberwock in the deck with the Vorpal Sword, but those three monsters are really a trio that I wanted to set aside for demo purposes. The "lose two levels even if you run away" and "go down to level 1" are just not really effects I like to see at demos. By contrast, it was neat to put Chainmail Bikini in one deck and Spandex Chainmail in the other....)

The resulting decks are just a little thicker than any other "Base+1" Munchkin set, and I'm adding promos, a set of the Dice cards, and Munchkin 6 to each set. I was honestly astounded at how much duplication I uncovered in this project, and at first blush I really like the new twins. I think they'll work well for demos, as they have all the flavor of the various expansions without all the bulk of the huge deck.

Of course, I'm still going to have the One Big Deck available...I mean, it's a moral imperative. :)

(Hey, MM, question time before it becomes an issue. If asked, can I share the card lists on the forum?)
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