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Default Re: Marvel/DC World-Character Supers Building

Originally Posted by Drakyrias View Post
Constantine is actually a DC character. And both franchises have multiple hells and kings of them (Trigon, Mephisto, Satan, Lucifer)
Technically, we're still talking Nightcrawler.

A recent-ish run of Ghost Rider (some time in the last decade) depicted the Judeo-Christian Heaven and claimed the Ghost Riders (with the exception of the one formed by Mephisto grafting a demon to Johnny Blaze) were part of Heaven's "Black Ops" Angels (this was inspiration for the background of the Rider in the second Ghost Rider movie).

Still, Marvel seems to treat the Judeo-Christian Heaven as "one afterlife among many"; in any case I stand by my statement that Kurt's Devout Believer Quirk prevents him from going to any other afterlife. Contrast with Bill son of Bill over in Thor's title who earned his spot in Valhalla defending Balder (from an attack of renegade Asgardians working for Doom).
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