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Default Weird Experience of Munchkin CCG at a shop

Hi all

Just thought i'd share my experience of a Munchkin CCG launch party I was at this weekend.
Local shop (I'm based in the UK) announced on their website they were having a munchkin launch party, it started to go a bit odd when I popped in the night before. I just wanted to check if I had to make a purchase of the base game to attend the event or, as I already had a base game, I could purchase a blister pack and join in (their normal policy is purchase a 2 blister if you want to use a table to play). When I asked, the staff didn't even know they were running a launch party the next day and had to ring the manager to ask. Manager says over the phone that as it a launch event no purchase necessary.

Sure enough I turn up next day to the launch and when I ask to sign up am told that if i'm not purchasing a starter deck then I have to buy equivalent amount of boosters to price of starter deck.

OK a bit annoying, but as i was planning on buying a booster box i didn't mind. Asked for a box only to be told they didn't have enough stock to sell me a whole box, they only had 2 delivered. I then started to get a rambling explanation from the manager about how the suppliers hadn't given the store any info about the game until last week and that the shop had to beg for shop promo sets as the distributor had so few that they keeping them from the shops.

Anyhow i bought my booster packs asked where to sign up (first name on list) and went and sat down at a table to have a look through my cards, read the rules and tick of what I had got.. (Got a (W) School of Badassery). Anyhow I sat there for an hour or so, from time to time members of staff came over to see what cards I had got, then asked to borrow my copy of the rules as none of them had yet read it, asking about the rarity of the cards, and on a couple of occasions talked down to me about my lack of knowledge about other CCGs.

Eventually the Manager came over with a young boy and said great you have a starter set you can teach him to play....

Now i'm a nice enough guy I said sure, and explained the basics of the game to the kid and we learned/played the game together for an hour or so (thankfully I won, not sure how I would have felt losing to a kid a third of my age). The kids parents came over and we all had a chat, and the kid liked the game enough to buy a base set, a few boosters and a box to put it all in, We even did a couple of trades and I chucked him a couple of my uncommons that I had duplicates of for his warrior deck.

Eventually one of the staff came over and said thanks for coming to us all and gave out some of the OA cards (1,2 and 3). Then that was it.

It was all just really odd. Is this what normally happens in game shops?
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