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Default Re: Gloop Guns from The Incredibles

You could use a delay to account for the goo shots swelling after impact. If you do use an affliction, you could also use secondary effect to indicate a further loss of mobility on a badly failed defense. Or both, 2 second delay on primary, and triggered delay (must be hit by another shot in the same location) on a secondary fail.

You could even randomize the secondary (or primary) and have cumulative tracks for a sort of "hit location" between Semi-Upright/Bad Back, Restricted Vision/One Eye/Blind, One Hand/One Arm/No Fine Manipulators/No Manipulators, No Legs/Sessile, with a cumulative eye towards eventual Quadriplegic. Or maybe use Lame. You'd have to sort all those disads by point cost and impact to figure out exactly how the cumulative affliction would work.

At some point it might get too complex to bother with, but it would simulate the movie scene better.
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