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Default Re: GURPS Shadowgun [Brainstorm]

One possibility to balance the scales is steampunk technomagic. The development of metamagic to enchant objects for mundane use (a variation of Quickening) would likely be suitable, though the metamagic would replace the Karma lost by the magician with Essence invested by the mundane. In effect, you could have steampunk technomagic versions of any augmentations and could create steampunk technomagic cyborgs that could function at a higher effective TL than the mundane technology.

For example, a magician could install four technomagical limbs in a mundane, requiring the mundane to permanently invest 4 Essence to maintain the operations of the limbs. In turn, the limbs would have capacity, which would contain other technomagical devices that draw on the Essence already invested by the mundane. Alternatively, they could do technomagic bioware, representing the implantation of magically quickened tissues to improve the capabilities of mundane.

Creatures like the one created by Frankenstein would be an example of a technomagical cyborg, a fetal tissue brain within a framework of magically quickened tissues that gives superhuman capabilities. Other technomagical cyborgs could be crippled adults attached to steampunk technomagical battleships or airships, perhaps gestalts of dozens of cyborgs, allowing militaries to defend themselves against dragons and other magical threats.

As for magic, RPM is probably best for the high energy magic of Shadowrun. Path/Book magic is too subtle and standard magic is just too clunky. Of course, you could just transfer Shadowrun Magic, giving a Magic attitude equal to Magery, and adding skills as needed.
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