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Default Re: Are Giant clerics and wizards and so on a thing?

Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
As does the whole of Glorantha. Still, I thought there were minotaurs in WoW...
Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
Tauren might as well be. Minotaurs reskinned with a PAINFUL Native American mashup culture.
It's pretty dang bad. The trolls are also a horrible mashup of African and Caribbean. No idea bout Mysts of Pandaria but I'm not optismistic.

My first and main character was a tauren, which are very bestial, hunchbacked things. And I have a lot of tauren alts. But I also have a lot of other alts. And I had to play gnome for a long time because all the people I know IRL played Alliance :P

But I'm free and clean from WoW now, I did my rehab.
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