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Default Re: Recreating Kisat Dur: The Dwarven Martial Art in Gurps

Originally Posted by Adronio View Post
Don't be like that baby, you know what I meant. The only rule I made was to make it possible to jump during an all out attack! Even though it uses sumo wrestling it is a strike, meaning that it doesn't have anything to TG!

Love TG btw.
Thanks. I was just teasing. Adapting strikes to sumo is pretty well supported by reality, by the way. Sumo practioners, though not "Sumo Wrestling GURPS" guys, do limited strikes (slaps, mostly), so you're in good company.

You might want to take a peek at The Grappling Mat section of my blog, though, since there are some things like damaging takedowns I cover there that didn't make the book.
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