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Default Re: [LT] Monstrous Bow SM+3

How would a metal only teke pull a non magnetic bow string?
The initial idea is to make arrows with metal shafts, since my guy also has Control Metal and can draw long steel shafts from ingots for free. However, these would essentially be steel rebars and, even with expert fletching, I'm not sure how aerodynamic they would be. Besides, I think steel has ~20 times the density of cedar and other fletching woods, which means a steel SM+3 arrow (typical weight 1.25 lb.) would have to be a lot thinner than its wooden counterpart to share the same stats for damage and range.

A better solution might either be metal parts on the string, or to make arrows with metal nocks (which might throw-off the balance, but that can be compensated if I make my own arrows).

That's right, I would probably ask even more since it's an unique weapon.
A tubular bow is very hard to make, that's why the cost.
The weight is also correct.
Sure, the cost is fine if you buy it off the market (except no one sells SM+3 bows). The problem is that I have no way of telling how much self-crafting, Control Metal and TK (Magnetic) might do to lower the cost. If my guy can rearrange metal as if it were play-doh, does he pay only for raw steel ingots? Is there some heat-treatment or special technique for making a 4-metre steel bow that he cannot do with his mind?

You could try fiddling around with the deadly spring making a large metal cross now. May take a while, and you may find it doesn't do the damage you want, but it will be as close to realism as you are going to get.
You may even find such a large metal bow wouldn't work at all.
Though truth be told, if he has magnetic powers he would probably be better off shooting metal bullets sling style!
I have a "shoot bullets" power, but it's about twice as effective as a typical TL4 flintlock pistol. Still awesome, mind you, but a ST 35 bow has a range of 700/900 yards. Nothing at TL4 can even come close to that.

As for the "deadly spring", I don't know what you're referring to. Is there a system somewhere for calculating any of the things that would help me? I haven't seen it in any of the books, and if I try to do purely physical modelling, I'll probably get it wrong and not know how to translate it into GURPS rules anyhow.
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