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Default Re: Overkill on a Mozambique drill

Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
That section is a bit poorly written, but here's how I interpret it:

If you are at 0 HP or below, and you took on action OR made a defense roll on your last turn, then you must roll HT to avoid unconsciousness at the start of your turn. If you did not make a defense roll on your last turn AND Did Nothing, then you do not have to make a HT roll to avoid unconsciousness.
I don't think it's poorly written, I think it's quite clear.

1. If you get to 0HP or less, you have to make a HT roll at the beginning of your next turn (turn 1*). That is before you have done anything, so the exception can't come into effect yet.
2. At the beginning of your next turn (turn 2+), you check what you did last turn after getting to 0HP or less, and if you chose Do Nothing and didn't defend yourself, you don't have to roll. But otherwise you have to make a new HT roll.

What you did before you got to 0HP or less has no influence on the HT rolls you have to make. And therefore you always have to make the first roll.

*That is your first turn after you reach 0HP or less.
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