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Default Re: [heretical] Calabim of Technology resonance

As you have it described, Vapula imposes a restriction on Calabim serving him, without giving anything. That makes sense I suppose but isn't so much fun for players.

As for those words:
Sabotage--Vapula wants to increase human reliance/obsession with tech, not encourage them to break things. This seems more Lilith in my mind, though subWords might go elsewhere (Baal might have a demon of Sabotage Missions).
Computer Viruses--Potential, but I would see Vapula more with the word of Hacking or Virus Programming (since Hacking doesn't mean to tech specialists what it means to the popular media...possibly a Nybban influence), and this word under Gluttony, Dark Humor, or surviving demons of Disease
Train Wrecks--again, I see this more with Beleth or Saminga but it could work; lacking Calabim, Vapula could tap a Habbalite for this word.
Junkyards--For me, Djinn seems more appropriate here than Calabite. Things don't go to Junkyards only to be taken apart, but to be put together or just to sit there taking up space.

However, Words like Incinerators and Chemical Leaks could fall to hypothetical Calabim of Technology.

I like the restriction, as it's unique among canon, main book Superiors (like Eli's no Distinctions). When he had to contract with Calabim, I see Vapula using Lilith (it's just easier to get what you want from her and know it will deliver) or Nybbas (an ally with good shared history) or, for especially violent missions like assaulting Lightning Tethers, his military hardware customers (Baal, Belial, and now Furfur).

As for a special attunement, I like the idea of letting the resonance not break things but instead reduce them to components or raw materials. However, the bizarre favor of the attunement would most likely be given only after long successful service to Technology, and would mark the poor Calabite out for quick destruction by jealous other demons of Technology.

INTERESTING THOUGHT. A good adventure might center around Vapula announcing that he plans on lifting the restriction and is accepting volunteer Calabim from other Words to get the attunement and test it out. He naturally gives them all slightly different attunements and they work haphazardly at best--and these weirdly-empowered Calabim are now running amok in Hell and on Earth. Angels and demons alike must try to deal with this chaos, while Vapula assigns his agents to watch the test subjects and report back the results.
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