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Default Re: [heretical] Calabim of Technology resonance

I don't see how this is any help; Calabim can already target inanimate objects, and can do so subtly if they wish, doing hard-to-find damage.

I would propose that a Calabite given Technology's Band Attunement -- perhaps one that had served Technology well enough to receive it, even though no Calabite of Technology itself need exist -- would be able to use his resonance to disassemble constructed objects, with the amount of work required to restore the final object being determined by the CD. A CD of 1 would loosen some crucial connectors; a CD of 6 would require major repairs. If the equivalent damage is enough to destroy the object, the power might start reducing components to their chemical industrial precursors, like turning plastic into crude oil.

The crucial benefit is that specialized skills and tools are required to restore the target; a Song of Healing or similar supernatural powers won't function, because the result is a pile of undamaged components.
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