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Default House Rule: Random Armor Save vs Static

I have been rolling dice to determine the amount of damage stopped by armor in my TFT game. I'm happy with the results. Sharing here for anyone who may be interested.

Cloth: d1 [0 1 2]
Leather: d3
Chain: d5
Half-Plate: d7
Full-Plate: d10*

*Ideally a d9, but I haven't found these for sale anywhere... d10 makes plate a little better but I'm OK with that.

I was able to find "d1" dice online searching for "6-Sided 16mm Numerals 0 1 2 Dices Set for Kids Learning Math". They can also be made from blank d6 dice.

I did something similar with Shields. If you have a shield and armor you roll two dice and add to get the result.

Rolling dice for armor gives daggers and bows a chance to do some damage if the armor save is weak (armor saves are very "swingy"). I liked that feature. Adding a shield to armor makes the save less "swingy", another feature I liked.

It's an extra step in combat, but I found the players enjoyed rolling dice for their armor saves. I had most of the dice already from another rpg so I gave it a try and liked the results so decided to keep it. I also expanded the armor to include d2's, d4's, d6's, d8's and d12's (padded jack vs. leather lamellar... etc).

Sharing here in case anyone else is a dice junkie like me and wants to give it a try.

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