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Fascinating! And don't forget that somehow around the same time as the Miranda Revelation, one of Tam's loyal lieutenants (Mal) managed to turn one of the Alliance Intelligence operatives to his side!
Oooh, good point! I completely missed that one. (Mal: "I am *not* a minion! This is *my* ship!")

Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
Oh come on, he even admitted it to Book!
I bow to your superior insight.

This conversation reminds me of how Jim Butcher writes Harry Dresden in the Dresden Files. Every time Harry throws down with the White Council, he carries on about how tired and beat up he is, but wonders why they treat him with kid gloves. Then he remembers how they see what he's done without the benefit of having been there to see how half-a**ed and lucky Harry was to pull things off.

Harry'd make another good villain. The Dresden Files RPG goes over this with a "What if Harry turned?" sidebar.
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