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Originally Posted by thorr-kan View Post
When Simon has a chance to plan, he's *dangerous.*

Imagine viewing him as Alliance Intelligence does: he located a top secret facility, infiltrated it, liberated a high-value asset, and escaped into the criminal underworld with no or few casualties.

Ever since, he's been consolidating his leadership of the criminal underworld from his mobile command post. Every time he surfaces, there's a seismic shift: crime lords killed or on the run, hospitals plundered, local authorities slain or discredited, Alliance defense contractors kidnapped, and finally the Miranda Revelation. For some reason, Tam seems to show some Browncoat sympathies, but analysts are having a hard time predicting his next move. They all agree on one thing though: his endgame is a second civil war.
Fascinating! And don't forget that somehow around the same time as the Miranda Revelation, one of Tam's loyal lieutenants (Mal) managed to turn one of the Alliance Intelligence operatives to his side!

Oh come on, he even admitted it to Book!
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