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I have to say my piece on the sneaking to level 10 means you lose 2 levels bit.

that's pretty terrible and un-munchkinly. I'f you're keeping track of levels properly you have some visual indicator of what level a person is. if you (for instance) can't be bothered to look over at it and keep track of what cards are on the table, then you deserve the loss. I have friends that were tournament magic players and, besides being extremely upset that there is no stack rule, were very good at the game because they are able to keep track of every card on the table and its abilities.

my favorite house house rule is if you don't change your level counter by the time the next turn begins (i.e. you have finished charity and declared your tuen over and the next has begun) you don't get the level(s). kind of a you snooze you lose rule.
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