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Default Re: TV series with ideas for GURPS

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As has been suggested in the past in other threads, Kolchak: The Night Stalker has possibilities for a GURPS Horror or related game, or a single-shot in another kind of campaign. It can be varied, too, imagine a reporter on the trail of aliens instead of magic and monsters, if you want an SFnal setting.

The Fugitive in its endless variations (The Incredible Hulk, Werewolf, etc).

Johnny Quest. An entire GURPS campaign could be built, from an adult POV, around Benton Quest, Race Bannon, etc in a world were Dr. Quest is the U.S. Government's chief investigator of weirdness, and primary consultant for oddball scientific matters. This is another one that can work at various levels of grittiness.
The Night Stalker would be a good inspiration but you'd want to keep characters low powered. Translating it into a team game might be a little trickier.

The Venture Brothers started out as parody but is in a lot of ways a grown up, fleshed out Johnny Quest 'verse. A somewhat more serious take might work for a super agents and low powered superhero campaign including explanations for a lot of the traditional tropes. The Sphinx trademark is currently up for grabs...

I couldn't find any mention of Leverage in the thread which surprises me - it seems tailor made for a GURPS Action campaign. You've got high powered specialists who all get a chance to shine each adventure and you have a lot of good examples of PCs dealing with unexpected problems and having to work outside their comfort zone.
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