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Default Re: 3 hex charge pole weapon rule

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
..that would artificially prohibit a lot of polearm charge targets. I.e., you could avoid a polearm charge from a foe by just stepping a hex to a location that would require them to zig-zag on their approach.
Agreed, but if stepping to a hex was to get behind an object (a tree trunk or column) that forced the charger to zig-zag, I'd call that a natural rather than artificial strategy, and would want to allow it.

I'm with Skarg on this though, better to drop the entire 3 hexes in a straight line rule, which then avoids all this ambiguity. The original rules were good enough for me.

I'm also sorely tempted to revert to the original double damage effect. I liked that wide range of possible results, and always found that damage roll to be exciting. +1d6 seems a little too tame for my taste.
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