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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

Originally Posted by Tom H. View Post
Oh yeah, this visual suggested skeletal structures to me. I'm waiting for skeletons to materialize and attack as I'm traversing the bridges. ;-)

Maybe you have to fight every 13th plank as it transforms into such an adversary.
Wow, I had made this post regarding Martinl's Void of Knives room without realizing that Steven Marsh already wrote a similar, cool encounter for The Fantasy Trip.

In this free content named Encounter: The Skeleton Bridge, the bridge can be several hexes wide and more long. The gimmick is indeed that skeletons spawn from the bones of the bridge to fight the party. As the fight continues, the bridge becomes weaker and hexes will collapse. Fighting on Swiss cheese becomes increasingly perilous and fantastic.

It should be fun and easy to port this to DFRPG.

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