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Default Re: Sympathy for the Weasel

Initial offering to our weaselly idols:

Ice Weasel Shield Maiden

Some Ice Weasels are just a little ... different. They seem a little more clever. They seem a little more organized. They seem a little beefier, have long platinum blond braids, trill Ice Weasel Opera ... and tote large spiked shields emblazoned with rampant weasels.

These are the infamous ice weasel shield maiden team, and if they catch you traversing an icy alpine slope they will shield rush your sorry posterior right off the side of the mountain.

Treat as ice weasels with the following differences:
  • Lose Quadruped and Wild Animal (you may replace latter with Party Animal if you are so inclined)
  • Increase ST to 7 and IQ to 10
  • Reduce Move to 3 (medium enc)
  • Add shield skill at 16, a spiked large shield, Weapon Master (Shield), and the Shield Wall Training Perk
  • This gives them a block of 11, but reduces their dodge to 6. (These become 14 and 9 after DB.)
  • Full speed shield rush is at skill 16, 1d-3 base, -2 for a slam, +2 for WM&Skill, +2 for speed, +3 for a large shield and +1 for a spike for a total of 1d+3 (and -3 to opponent's return damage). If they have you on precarious footing, they will all out attack for 1d+5.
  • Codify the "Weasel Adrenaline Overdrive" advantage, that allows an ice weasel to add +2 damage and armor divisor 2 to a weapon attack or +4 and armor divisor 3 to a bite attack for 1 FP.
  • Add the "Ice Cold Slaver" advantage, which allows an ice weasel to coat a weapon with ice weasel slaver using three ready maneuvers. This makes it an icy weapon for the next attack.

Ilse, Ingeborg, Brunhilde and Olga (etc.) are able to reliably knock less beefy delvers flat, and even the tougher delvers are not safe. Once you are down their lesser, but still vicious Ice Weasel boy toys can swarm you when you are prone, riding you like a toboggan as you slide down the mountainside, viciously chomping on your most sensitive hit locations all the way down.

Don't worry, at your funeral we'll say you were slain by Ogres.
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