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Default Re: [DF] Backstabber powerup from DF11

Comparing Action 2 p37 to DF 2 p11, The rules for "Death from the Shadows" and "Backstabbing" are identical.

"Disappearing" on p37 of Action 2 is different because it allows the character to vanish during combat instead of only at the beginning at base penalty -10 to stealth instead of -5.

The Backstabber text refers to it only being used when the fight starts.

So... Can you disappear at the beginning of a fight, back stab, throw down a nageteppo for concealment, vanish again, then back stab once more? That is if you made all the rolls?

If you can't do it during combat then you shouldn't have the extra -5 from the "Disappearing" rule, it should only be -5 base like Death from the Shadows or Backstabbing.
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